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VR and Digital Inclusion: Creating Equal Spaces

Workshop with Flavia Mazzanti and Manuel Bonell (Immerea)

The workshop will focus on the topic of digital inclusion and virtual reality. Participants will explore how VR technology can help promote access and equity in digital spaces, and collaboratively discover ways to use VR as a tool to create more inclusive environments. While digital media have the potential to overcome binary divisions and create virtual spaces with equal and inclusive solutions, unfortunately, forms of discrimination are still transferred from physical spaces to the digital realm. The workshop wants to show that digital inclusion is possible and that these technologies can be accessible to everyone.
Der Workshop findet statt im Rahmen der VR-Installation Neuro-Traces, welche von 06.-08.10.2023 im TRÖSCH III - Community Center des KUNST HAUS WIEN zu sehen und auszuprobieren ist.

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